CBInsolvency LLC
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CBInsolvency LLC (CBI) was founded to help lenders, borrowers, and other parties address the often challenging cross-border aspects of financial distress and default. CBI’s principals understand the issues, complications and language of cross-border insolvency. Their deep knowledge and experience, gained on the bench, in legislative development, mediation, arbitration, consulting, academics and law practice, enable them to:

      • Analyze and explain the issues and available options in a clear and user-friendly manner
      • Assist you in resolving cross-border disputes efficiently and effectively
      • Minimize your risks and maximize your results


CBI was founded by Hon. Leif Clark, Jack Esher and

Dan Glosband

Leif Clark Hon. Leif Clark (Ret.)
was a U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for over 25 years. He has an international reputation for influencing the development of insolvency law both domestically and internationally. He has broad experience in international legislative development, the training of lawyers and judges, scholarship and as a sought-after mediator of complex disputes involving finance and insolvency. Read More»
Jack Esher Jack Esher has over 25 years of experience as a mediator, arbitrator and neutral adviser, including mediation of cross-border disputes in the country’s biggest cases. He has conducted mediation and negotiation trainings nationally and internationally for professionals, business leaders and judges. Read More»
Dan Glosband Dan Glosband has 45 years of sophisticated insolvency practice, focusing on cross-border cases. He was part of the small drafting group for the UNCITRAL Model Law on Cross-Border Insolvency, one of the primary draftsmen of Chapter 15 of the Bankruptcy Code and has been an expert witness on U.S. insolvency law in major foreign proceedings. Read More»

CBI Provides:

  • Issue analysis and strategy
  • Liaison, coordination and reconciliation of legal principles applied in different jurisdictions
  • Neutral analysis, mediation and other dispute resolution services
  • Expert testimony

CBI Assists:

  • Professionals for Foreign Representatives, debtors and counterparties in cross-border insolvencies
  • Foreign debtors and fiduciaries by serving as Foreign Representative
  • U.S. courts by serving as communicator appointed under Section 1526(b) of the Bankruptcy Code