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Leif Clark: Publications

Seminar presentations

Leif has been a frequent presenter at a variety of venues and on a broad range of topics, both during his tenure on the bench and thereafter. Here is a small, representative sampling:

    • Bankruptcy in the 21st Century, National Conference of Bankruptcy Judges Annual Meeting (2010)
    • UNCITRAL New Developments, ABI Caribbean Insolvency Conference, Naples, Florida (2012)
    • Presentation on Chapter 11, Association of German Insolvency Practitioners, Berlin (2008)
    • Conflicts of Law in Cross-Border Insolvency, Brooklyn Law Symposium (2013)
    • Treatment of Secured Claims in Cross-Border Insolvency, University of Texas International Law Journal Symposium (2009)
    • Debate on Venue, Commercial Law League Association, Chicago NCBJ Meeting (2014)
    • Chapter 11 Update, Norton Bankruptcy Institutes (1995-2014)
    • Cramdown after RadLAX, Jay L. Westbrook Bankruptcy Conference, University of Texas (2012)