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Jack Esher: Representative Matters

Jack Esher

Jack Esher has mediated and arbitrated hundreds of commercial and consumer disputes between U.S. and non-U.S. counterparties in insolvency proceedings and business litigation involving secured lending/finance, derivative contracts, employment, real estate development, construction, intellectual property, biotech, health care and general commercial matters.

A sample list of cases for Jack Esher includes the following:

  • In re Lehman Brothers Holdings, Inc. et al., primary case mediator for numerous multi-million dollar derivative contract disputes involving Canadian, South American, European, Middle Eastern, Australian, Southeast Asian and Asian counterparties
  • In re Nortel, mediator for contested employee claims under a deferred compensation plan
  • In re Enron, mediator for multi-million dollar employment contract/avoidance action dispute
  • In Re Consolidated Food Products, In re Linens Holdings, In re DG Liquidation, In re Dura Automotive, In re Circuit Cities, In re Conex International, mediation of numerous preference proceedings
  • In re The Ski Market, mediation of dispute over title to assets between buyer of assets in Section 363 sale and lessor of debtor’s store premises,
  • In re Gretag, mediation of multi-million dollar lien avoidance adversary proceeding
  • In re Fleming, Preference Facility Mediator
  • In re Rich’s Department Stores, Claims Facility Arbitrator
  • In re Malden Mills, mediation of multi-party contract/insurance dispute
  • In re ACT Manufacturing, mediation of multi-party successor liability dispute arising from sale of assets and involving a class of employees
  • In re Jamesway, Claims Facility Mediator