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The ABI Spring 2017 panel

The global nature of business enterprises today, with exposure to the expense and
risk of litigation in more than one forum, is a compelling reason to pursue mediation as a
solution to contentious disputes in cross-border cases. A recent International Bar
Association Mediation Committee Newsletter states: “The alternative dispute resolution
(ADR) for the new generation is consensual.

june 2017 newsletter – Cross-Border Panel ASM 2017

By Jack Esher

One Response to “The ABI Spring 2017 panel”

June 14, 2017 at 12:48 am, Jack Esher said:

Recent action by the European Parliament and UNCITRAL signal a desire to
move from adjudicative to consensual dispute resolution. Coupled with legal
developments in a number of countries, this nudge towards mediation should make it an
attractive tool in cross-border insolvency and restructurings.