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The Emergence of Mediation in Cross-border Cases

CBI Presents at the 2017 Joint R3-Insol Europe International Restructuring Conference on
june 2017 newsletter – R3 Mediation Presentation

By Jack Esher

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June 14, 2017 at 12:39 am, Jack Esher said:

CBI Principals Jack Esher and Judge Leif Clark (ret.) prepared the power point presentation for this year’s annual Joint R3-Insol Europe Conference held in London on May 19. Attended by leading insolvency and restructuring attorneys and advisers in the U.K. and Europe and co-chaired by Glenn Flannery of CMS and Nicolaes Tolenaar of Resor, the Conference highlighted the development and use of mediation in cross-border and international cases, such as Lehman and Nortel.